GeneraBLE | iOt experiments

GeneraBLE is the third iteration of BEATR project, a collaboration initiated by Jeffrey Dungen (reelyActive) and Evelyne Drouin.

Now that environments are sensing us, how can we customize our interaction with SMART SPACES ?
What do choose to do with this data ?

Humans whereabouts from the set location become musical instrumentalists, without even knowing about it…
Through a customizable KIT, experiences with a set location can be controlled and customize lighting using HUE lights, as well as sonified.

What’s generaBLE ?
A creative approach of communicating our values in smart space with others.
GeneraBLE uses the principles of calm technology to give you audio and sensory feedback of bluetooth activity present in the space around you.


Here’s generaBLE in the city of New York in the summer of 2018.

Jeffrey and Evelyne run workshops where you can make GeneraBLE by yourself using Open Source toolkits, to compliment your iOt artistic experiments.

Recently, at HOPE (hackers on planet earth) conference in New York City, and Inter/Access art center and Gallery, in Toronto. GeneraBLE was presented in it’s walk-through format for Immerse(d) at PHI Center in Montreal in collaboration with SUBPAC.

Initiative by Jeffrey Dungen & Evelyne Drouin.